Jayanth Ravindran (parents of Nihal Ravindran)
Divya and I are parents of Nihal in the toddler group at Medhaam. We wanted to share our feedback and our appreciation. We are quite happy and pleasantly surprised at the child's improvement in school. He actually enjoys coming to school and it is to the credit of the teachers, especially Anika. We have seen good improvement in his understanding of numbers, alphabets, appreciation of pictures, objects. What is also heartening is how he has learned to interact with other kids which is difficult otherwise, when you live in flats? Overall a great first few months and look forward to more exciting days for Nihal with Medhaam - Jayanth Ravindran
Sukumar (mother of Sahana)
It has been a couple of months for our daughter in the school - and she is already at home (at school)!! Thanks to the personal attention given to her - from the guard at the gate to the helping maids, to the class teacher, administrators, co-teachers and all under the able guidance of the principal - she settled down quite comfortably and much faster than we expected. Guiding principle for the school seems to be attention to details backed by the passion exhibited in bringing up children. In their primitive stages of schooling, Medhaam makes the experience as joyful pastime rather than a mundane and academic exercise. This offers a paradigm shift in their "schooling" experience. We see her communication in 3 different languages, language adaptability, societal awareness; eating and personal habits have undergone a significant change. It is sheer pleasure to witness the blossoming of our child. Her class teacher has already become a role model for her. She needs a special mention for her efforts. We are happy parents and would recommend Medhaam to our friends and relatives looking for a good school. Good luck Sukumar and Prabha
Rohini (mother of Sahasra)
The very fact that our daughter, Sahasra, is excited to go to school each morning speaks volumes about Medhaam. The singular attention, warmth and nonaggressive approach of Medhaam was exactly what we were looking for in a school. The various wonderfully organized celebrations of festivals and other occasions ensures that our child is exposed to and imbibes the unique cultural values of our country. We feel tremendously proud to watch our daughter stand by the altar and recite "Om bhur bhuva swaha.." with folded hands, all by herself!! We are pleased to be a part of this wonderful family and look forward to the great times ahead. Thank you Medhaam! - Rohini & Jagadish
Charu (mother of Vanya)
It's a pleasure to pen down my thoughts today on my experience with Medhaam over the the last one year. This was in March 2011 when I was going to start a new job and was anxious about finding the right place for Vaanya. I still remember my first visit to Medhaam and the front wall with Uncle Zeki and the values which caught my attention in the first go. I also saw some teachers in one of the class rooms working on some art work together. The biggest surprise was to know that one of them was the school Principal! I was taken around the school by the counselor and she was genuinely very passionate about the school and it's beliefs. 2 of the day care children went around with us wherever we went, coz they didn't want to leave her side :) Not once did she ignore them, in order to pay any special attention to me - "The Prospective Client". The preschoolers had left school only about an hour ago, and the classrooms were already clean and well kept. That visit was a breeze and by the end of it I was certain that this was the place for my little angel, where she will be attended to with love and care. The warmth and the homely atmosphere was heart warming. A year has gone by today and we have cherished every moment we have spent at Medhaam - Home away from home! Vaanya loves her school and in her own innocent way always expresses her love for all her teachers. Every member of the school knows every child by name and we can talk to teachers about the child's progress any time. It is very encouraging to see that Medhaam tries to instill the right values by celebrating every festival with the right spirit. The Christmas celebration was specially beautiful, as it was celebrated with the Aanganwadi children. Making the school children give gifts to every Aanganwadi kid was a great initiative! The day always starts beautifully with the Principal, teachers and the counselors welcoming every child every morning personally. A lot of attention is given to out door activities and learning by doing. Medhaam's USP lies in the student teacher ratio. 2 teachers to every 15-16 students has been a dream come true for us. I can go on and fill another page with more, however would like to conclude by mentioning that out of all the play schools I have visited, Medhaam is the only place where I have observed the Principal spending personal time with every child: Be it telling stories, singing songs or just having a chat. A special thanks to principal mam and all of Vaanya's teachers. Cheers, Charu Vaanya's Mother (Nursery)
Ashirbani (mother of Ragaranchita's)
After her second birthday party our friends wished us luck for school hunting. Lots of ideas were received from our well-wishers. Constant updates of a new session starting in different schools were pouring in. We were looking for a suitable school for our child. She having been born of a Bengali family, had a language problem in the area of communication of thoughts other than Bengali. She was also suffering from social adaptability being a single child of a nuclear family. In this situation we came across Medhaam. My husband traced its existence from internet and the name of the school gave us a vive to visit it. The infrastructure, ambience and the facilities in the school were also quite promising. Even my daughter was quite happy to see the school and entered into one of the ongoing classes there. We could feel that it was the school we were looking for. We got her admitted for the pre-nursery batch of 2011-2012. Then came the challenge for us to leave each others company. Like any other kids her attachment with her parents stopped her from staying back at school. She wanted us to be there. But it was my daughter favorite Jyoti Maam who helped us settling her in the school. Stories and sweet memories of Jyoti Maam are still there with her. After her settlement in the school came the next big changes in her. Her level of adaptability has increased. Command over new languages (Hindi and English) is increasing. Interaction with people, smart self-exposure and sense of reasoning have increased convincingly in her. Credit goes to Team Medhaam and special thanks to her mentors. In Medhaam the play-way activities, special day celebrations, field trips, sports day celebration and summer camps are the credibility to expose the latent abilities of their kids. Their grand-parents day celebration, with small children performing 'Ramayana' was remarkable. Holding workshop on parenting skills, helped the modern day parents re-live their childhood and understand their kids. To conclude, I would say, we are happy parents of a happy kid, who is a proud Medhaamite to be a Medhaavi. I wish all the best in their endeavor and many more successful years ahead.
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