The Medhaam Curriculum is created by proficient Early Child Education practitioners who have been working with children for many years.

The Medhaam Preschool & Daycare Program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where a child is initiated into active and enthusiastic learning with the goal of developing the his/her senses, character, practical life abilities and cognitive development.

While the Montessori approach emphasizes nature, creativity, and hands-on learning with gentle guidance provided by the teachers, the play-based methodology strives to generate a strong inner enthusiasm for learning and develop children's innate abilities and talents. The Medhaam curriculum is balanced a blend of both these approaches.

The Learning Modules: Build a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy and values which form the basis for future learning in children.

The Curriculum Transactions: The curriculum is woven through a world of stories and manipulatives; topics are introduced using songs, poems and tales that children love to hear and relate to easily. The learning environment provides support to the curriculum by constantly stimulating language and Math skills in children.

The Language Wizard Programme: Just as a child learns the mother tongue naturally and effortlessly without any pressure, Medhaam's Language Wizard Programme will help the child build language skills with much ease and confidence. Through the Jolly Phonic approach, language will be taught as a skill that will support the child in building bridges of understanding between it's thoughts and ideas and those of people around.

The Math Wizard Programme: Medhaam's Math Wizard Programme will encourage children to investigate and discover patterns and relationships that present connections among numbers or procedures, thereby helping the children to see a world of numbers where there are always logical explanations for everything.