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Anand Programme
1.5 - 2 yrs

The Medhaam  Anand programme is for tiny tots, who are just stepping into the world from the protective cocoon of their home. It is 5 days per week for 2 hours per day and incorporates art, gym and music with a focus on sensory and social development. The small child to teacher ratio in these classes allow for plenty of one-to-one interaction.

Our Anand classroom is designed to provide personalized warmth and care to our little learners in a healthy & stimulating environment. The environment is rich with books and blocks, plenty of self-help activities and toys that encourage discovery and awareness. Helping our toddlers gradually acquire a more social world view is an important goal of the programme. Growth and developmental milestones are shared with parents and recorded on a daily basis.

It's the perfect first school experience for our children,who get to make sense of the things and people around them, investigate the world, and engage in active social interaction. It ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skills-driven learning expectations of the next preschool program Nirman.