Parents of Sanyam Nangia (Class-Sahas 1)
In 2014 when we were looking for a school,We were confused between two,but in the end we are elighted to choose Medhaam for our ward. Since his inception in this school Sanyam has changed a lot and all of the changes have been on positive side.He is full of confidence and self-belief. He is capable of handling his things and activities on his own, moreover he is independent. The school has made lots of efforts in bringing this change in him and I as a parent really appreciate these efforts in learning out actual base of the kids future.We are thankful to specially entire management and staff of the school for letting and shape my kids future. All the best.
Parents of Ranya Sinha (Class-Vikas)
There is no words to praise for this school, such a wonderful experience we had here. Words fall short to express how grateful we are. Teachers are too good, very caring and know how to handle the child in a proper manner. I would love to recommend lots of people to put their child here. A big thanks to the branch head, directors, teachers and all the staff for giving such a caring and loving environment to my daughter. Will really miss this school.
Bhawna Rao, Parent of Vaaris (Class-Nirman 1)
Dear Team Medhaam, Thank you for wonderful support and being with us in this journey of giving wings to Vaaris. You have been more than a pre-school. Thank you for being a friend to me and guardian to vaaris. Thank you for understanding my worries and helping me cope-up. “I will highly recommend everyone all parents to blindly trust Medhaam for early learning.” “No Doubt the best play school” Thank you.
Priyanka Prasad Dhingra ( Mother of Kaira)
Thank you dear mentors for the love and affection you have showered on the children. Kaira will miss all her friends and teachers very much.
Somya Grover ( Mother of Arnav grover)
Dear Shalu mam...u've been soo adorable to our kids they've always luved u like their own mother...a vry vry spcl thanx for being soo kind n nice...Arnav is going to miss u a lot.... N Also a vry spcl thanx to sheela mam who 've joined them later but eqally loving n caring....thanx a ton...
Bharti Singh ( Mother of Zashya & Zoran
Special thanx to aanchal ma'am and Lynn ma'am for showering so much love on my kids..zashya and zoran really gonna miss u a lot..We vl miss medhaam a lot .
Hemalatha Dhulipati ( Mother of Navya)
Thank you mentors... Kids may forget u as they grow up... But, we parents will remember u forever as u gals have built a strong foundation for our kids to climb up on and on, without fear... Thanks once again. ( Mother of Navya )
Alka Soni Chakraborty ( Mother of Yuvneil )
Children are really going to miss each other and their mentors. Thanks to all staff of Medhaam Preschool & Day Care and specially Jessy mam who has taken care of Yuvneil so much all throughout the session. Thanks once again. ( Mother of Yuvneil )
Priyankshi Nandy Ajmera ( Mother of Sharanya)
My daughter started going to the day care when she was 7 months old and the mentors helped her settle beautifully.I love the professional staff and the homely atmosphere. she loves it too. Priyankshi Nandy Ajmera ( Mother of Sharanya)
Rupal M Bansal ( Mother of Navya )
My daughter Navya has been going to Medhaam for more than an year. I am very happy with her progress and the school is progressive in its approach and homely in its love. Rupal M Bansal
Anu Jain ( Mother of Pranshu Jain)
My son, Pranshu Jain, has been part of Medhaam school and daycare for more than 2 years. My son was too young (17 months old) when I decided to put him in daycare and like all other parents, I was very much skeptical about the care that he would be given at a daycare. But the staff at Medhaam proved me wrong, as they took immense care of my child and made him adjust in that new environment. I really would like to appreciate the management , teachers and the maids working at Medhaam for putting their heart and soul in taking care of our kids. They provide good quality food, take care of hygiene, involve them in various activities and even understand the kids individually. I would like to thank them from the core of my heart for taking so much care of my little one. In these two years, I don't have a single complaint from the daycare. I would strongly recommend Medhaam as one of the best daycare centers in Gurgaon. It is just a home, away from home for our little ones. Thanks and Regards, ANU JAIN
Shally and Vijaya ( Parents of Vanya Sharma )
It’s been pleasure to share my experience with you. As you are also our family members now.Initially we were very worried to leave our daughter in a day care for the entire day. I know this is worry and anxiety of every parent. But today after three months, we can say that we have chosen the right. We are totally tension free that our daughter is in save hands. I would really appreciate your efforts to make my daughter used to for her new daily schedule. Today when I see my daughter smiling at the end of the day and happy while entering to Medhaam, make us spent a tension free day at our work. We would really like to appreciate the entire Medhaam family for been there with my Daughter in my absence. Thanks Shally &Vijay
Sangeeta Rai (Mother of Siddhant Bhattarai)
My son Siddhant Bhattarai is with Medhaam since mid of January this year 2013. He is happy in the day care and looks forward for coming to day care every morning. Since the time he has joined day care with the activities he is involved in, I see changes in terms of my son being more active. Thank you medhaam who got him back into having milk once again which he had stopped in between. I would like to Thank all mam's as well who take care of my son for the entire day along with didi's helping out. Looking forward for your continuous support !! Thank you Sangeeta Rai
Mitali Garg ( Mother of Aanya Garg)
As Medhaam have requested for a feedback, so here follows our small token of appreciation. Medhaam has been a second home to my kid. My kid has been there from past 5 months and I am very happy about the care they take .I have found a homely environment where I could realize that my kid would be safe. Some of the things I really liked in this place was the Hygiene - for me it was of paramount importance. This place is clean throughout the day. Caretaker/maids - normally I have seen and heard about the careless attitude of the maids that daycares have, but at this place I saw very close supervision by well mannered, well educated supervisors. I think they keep a low child to staff ratio which shows in the care they provide. Security of the place - Having Close circuit camera does help and the kid’s area are away from the entrance worked well for me Professional management - I liked my interaction with their admin staff. They were honest, transparent and were ready to adjust for my convenience. They call the parents whenever they need their guidance and feed kids on time. Along with eating schedule they take care of teaching them prayers and poems Overall I was pleased with my interaction and experience with them. I think in the end what matters is that whether you can trust some individual with your kid and to large extent I feel comfortable with these people. Regards, Mitali (Mother of Aanya Garg)
Nilima Sharma (Mother of Vedant Sharma)
My child is very rigid and moody he has actually taken a lot of the time to settle down but it’s because of the teachers that he has settled comfortably now. He has actually changed a lot. It the effect of the teachers and school that he is transforming. The school is also very friendly and very cooperative. Thanks a lot . Nilima Sharma (Mother of Vedant Sharma)
Jigyasa Kapoor Bhatia ( Mother of Reyaansh )
My son is a part of the Medhaam family, he is in pre nursery. I am thoroughly satisfied and I wholeheartedly appreciate the efforts put in by the staff and members of medhaam to give my child the best . Medhaam is the best preschool that we have come across so far. 3 cheers . Keep up the good work. Jigyasa Kapoor Bhatia ( Mother of Reyaansh Kapoor)
Prachi & Sumit Walia ( Parents of Lavanya )
Thank you Medhaam Preschool & Day Care for taking care of Lavanya & shaping her creativity. Many thanks to all teachers, mentors, didis & the entire team. You are the best pre-school daycare we know....best wishes for your growth as it shapes so many bright kids in their early years - We will always fondly remember medhaam - Lavanya,Prachi & Sumit Walia
Shampa and Anupam (parents of Aatish)
Our son Aatish has been studying at Medhaam for the last 2 years and we are proud of this preschool. I have seen the school blossom and it has completed 5 years( in 2013). Lead by the humble demeanour Director Mr Raghav, the approach and implementation by him shows a lot of thought process and execution. The school is a self created brand with their own building and has many unique qualities-- good teachers with positive attitude, splash pool, auditorium, tablets room, music room, etc. Our son loves going to school and we are very happy with this preschool. I wish Raghav and team success in the years to come. Cheers, Shampa & Anupam ( Parent of Aatish- Nursery )
Vineeta Hazrati (mother of Aaryan Hazrati)
The experience that Medhaam offers is irreplaceable. It imparts core values that are relied upon as a guide every day. The genuine care offered at Medhaam gives the confidence to Parents that their decision was right. Apart from the highly recommendable infrastructure, the School’s speciality is its homely environment given to Children. Medhaam has a great role in shaping my child’s personality. It has strengthened my child,s physically and emotionally. Top of all this, the motherly love from teachers has made him love the school more than other surroundings. Vineeta Hazrati (Mother of Aaryan Hazrati)
Piyush Vijay ( father of Kashvi)
Thanks to Medhaam Preschool & Day Care that Our daughter is very happy...learning and playing in a nurturing environment...So many learning activities with nature walks, art, dance & music etc...fun-loving good times with Friends and Ma'am...We feel good having her with caregivers who understand children so well and are in tune with each child's personality . Piyush Vijay
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